Nigel was a member of the first Arrow cohort in the Philippines and in addition to being a Senior Pastor is now a Bible teacher and facilitator for Arrow. He shares with us  about the impact Arrow Leadership has had in his life and ministry.

Arrow Leadership has taught me to trust in God’s view of who I am. Which is, I am God’s Child. Because of how greatly I appreciated this truth, I have been courageous enough to take on church leadership. Leading from the strengths that God has designed in me, from being a “wimpy process” kind of a leader to a more “focused process” leader who thinks three to five times ahead.

We have partnered with an NGO for a very long time. It came to our attention that our partnership with them would be ending shortly, so we decided as a church to start our own NGO called MICAH Inc. Now, we no longer deal with child sponsorship but we help churches find their own strength for community development.

It has been a hard process but now we have had success in starting one pilot church. The church has been struggling to sustain itself, it needed to be revitalized. So we came in and helped the church find its strength so that they could have a greater impact in their community. As a pilot church, we have also invited other churches in the mountains to join in with what we do. When they choose to be involved, they found their strength and were able to go back to have an impact in their communities.

From one pilot church, we have grown to include five mountain churches. All this because we were able to create MICAH Inc. We rely on God’s provision through sponsors and donors. This Church initiative was because we were able to think strategically and plan ahead.

Thank you Arrow and thank you, Julian!