Leadership in love.

For many of us , we hear stories about the impact of COVID on our churches and various ministries. Nadine shares her story about how Arrow and COVID collide in her upcoming nuptials.

We were classmates in Junior High School back then. Our love story started when we were about to go to college. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Christ-honouring and Christ-exalting. The relationship lasted for a little less than 8 years. But God, in His infinite wisdom and awesome plans, used this break up to draw us closer to Him individually. He changed us from deep within and we continued to mature in our relationship with Christ.

Then came Arrow – which was contributory in our getting back together. We found ourselves in each other’s arms again after the 3rd residential.

This pandemic has been quite a challenge for us. We had to constantly make changes to our plans which, somehow, paralysed us a bit. The lockdown caught up with us in processing our papers that forced us to move the date a month later to give a little allowance. And the enthusiasm in preparing for the wedding slowly ebbed away to a point that we just wanted to go straight to that which is more exciting: to get married.

Arrow helped us organise and prioritise.

There were so many things we wanted to do and include in the wedding. From invitations, to sponsors, guests, venue, set up, band, and all the other things. It can really be stressful if we were not taught to build a culture of simplicity, let go of unimportant details and focus on what truly matters.

God is clearly telling us to make Him the focus of our marriage celebration; to emphasise the God-glorifying meaning of marriage, the beauty of vows and the importance of people – not the flowers, the clothing, or the program. Simple doesn’t mean less joy. In fact, it can be the opposite.

Now our hearts’ desire is to have a counter-cultural wedding at one eighth the cost, one eighth the stress, and double the focus on the glory of God. We will get married when, where, and how He wants it to be. He makes all things beautiful in His time.


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